Cardenas Marketing Network’s Sales Director Search Completed!


Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN) retained David Gomez & Associates (DG&A)  to perform an executive search for a Sales Director in March 2013.

CMN is the largest and fastest growing multicultural focused entertainment and experiential marketing agency in the U.S.A. CMN reaches targeted consumers through leading music entertainers, concert tours, international sports properties, and promotional events that allow them to experience the competitive value of the brands CMN represents. CMN builds ideas and new concepts that reach targeted consumers, which translates to increased brand sales.

Christian BanachDG&A filled the position within 60 days with Mr. Christian Banach who was previously the Principal/Vice President of Operations and Business Development at AdrenalineY2K, Inc. At AdrenalineY2K, Mr. Banach founded and grew this unique business to serve as an entertainment marketing and event production agency executing over 200 social events each year and providing a full range of street/guerilla marketing programs for corporate clients. He has a successful leadership background in marketing, business development and sales, account management, event production, start-up operations and general management in fast-paced business settings.

At CMN, Christian will build sales sponsorship and promotional marketing plans inclusive of objectives, brand value proposition, deliverables, new ideas, and go-to market materials. He will lead and motivate the sales team, tracking productivity and effectiveness as well as attract, retain and build corporate partnerships through innovative and unique sales ideas that will get brand attention.

To view and apply for other positions that DG&A is currently recruiting for, please submit your resume here.

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