DG&A Invited to DaVita Inc.’s Academy!


“DaVita, Inc. does it right. DaVita’s Academy captures and embodies the motivation of the American spirit” –David Gomez, President/CEO of David Gomez & Associates

Last week, President/CEO, David Gomez, and Director of Recruiting, Christopher Gomez, of David Gomez & Associates were invited by DaVita Inc., a FORTUNE 500® company and leading provider of kidney care in the United States, to DaVita Academy, the new teammate orientation program DaVita offers all its teammates. David Gomez and Christopher Gomez were the only two outside vendors who attended, along with around 400 new DaVita teammates. This trip allowed for DG&A to experience how DaVita’s core values contribute to them doing the best for their patients.

In Orlando, Florida, from June 12-13, 2012, the two DG&A executives had the opportunity to focus on DaVita’s philosophy of personal and professional development. The Academy was much more than they could have imagined. It reinstated in DG&A all of the things that we are grateful for. The model chosen to run DaVita’s business is excellent. What DaVita stands for … “Giving Life” says it all. DaVita truly is “A community first, and a company second.”

Part of the overall DaVita Village concept is their strategy of training and caring for their teammates as a way to truly live their mission and values. Patient care is their first priority, and it starts with caring and growing their teammates. The Academy brings teammates together, provides an environment to learn about themselves, the DaVita story, their mission—and, of course, to have fun along the way. DaVita’s CEO Kent Thiry believes “if you take time to care for the people who do the good work, and provide a positive work environment, it usually leads to improved patient care, decreased turnover, and a high level of teammate fulfillment”.

The knowledge that was shared and lessons learned provided an incomparable awareness to DaVita’s Village that DG&A will utilize when we are assigned to recruiting assignments. The two days truly inspired better leadership and many insights were shared with the DG&A team. Writing personal credos especially left a lasting impression—it reinstated with us that when beliefs do not equal behavior, there is a lack of trust that happens from managers to employees. Do what you say you will do!

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