Chicago Housing Authority Once Again Retains DG&A To Find An Executive Vice President of Development

ImageEarlier this year, Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) retained David Gomez & Associates (DG&A) to perform two executive searches in order to successfully fill both the Chief Financial Officer and the Budget Director positions. Just this month, CHA once again retained DG&A to fill their vacancy of an Executive Vice President of Development. 

Headquartered in Chicago, the CHA is the largest owner of rental housing in the city of Chicago, providing homes to more than 50,000 families and individuals, while supporting healthy communities in neighborhoods all across the city. The CHA is currently undergoing the Plan for Transformation, the largest and most ambitious redevelopment effort of public housing in the history of the United States. As part of the Plan, CHA will redevelop or rehabilitate its entire stock of public housing.

As a senior leader in the CHA Executive Management Team, the Executive Vice President will direct and provide insight to redevelopment and demolition projects and capital improvement programs throughout the Authority and work with residents, community representatives and consultants on development and redevelopment initiatives. This position is accountable for coordinating, monitoring and providing oversight for the comprehensive redevelopment of the CHA community, which includes residential, commercial, institutional, recreational and educational development. The EVP will also direct the creation and implementation of major planning studies impacting urban renewal housing, land use, public works and transportation programs. 

All inquiries concerning the application process should be made in writing and directed to:

Daniel Gutman

David Gomez & Associates, Inc.


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