Tips of the Trade–Interview Preparation– Part III

Part III of the “Interview Preparation” blog series. Use these tips and secrets for a successful job search.


  • Show enthusiasm and interest: THIS IS KEY
  • Ask lots of questions of each interviewer and show lots of interest! If asked, “Do you have any questions?” It is NEVER appropriate to respond with “I have met a number of people here and I think I have all of my questions answered.”
  • Sell yourself technically: *Think of projects and accomplishments in which you have proven yourself and shown your strengths. It is important that you can talk in detail about specific projects when asked- clients don’t like to have to pull teeth to get information- but they do want details so they can get a good idea about your skills
  • Learn about the company: Check websites and show your knowledge during the interview– “I was checking out your website, and I had a question about…”
  • Remember interviews are two-way streets: Learn about the company in the interview.


  • Don’t initiate questions about salary or benefits. The company will get a bad impression of where your true interests in the opportunity lie. *If they are talking about benefits, and you need clarification, feel free to ask
  • If you forget to ask a question, or do not feel it is appropriate to ask it at the time of the interview, such as benefits that need clarification, feel free to have a phone or face to face conversation with human resources or ask the recruiter you are working with.
  • Never discuss salary until the end of if you have a recruiter working with you- they will negotiate for you.
  • *If they ask you where you are in compensation, tell them your most recent or current compensation, but make it clear that you’re more interested in the opportunity at hand than the salary you’ll be making.
  • Don’t focus on “Where will I be in 5 years?” -Focus on the position at hand.
  • *It is O.K. to discuss career motivation, but couch it in terms of how you see this position assisting your growth within that company.
  • Don’t give the interviewer the impression that this is a temporary stop for you, even if you are using this position to get into a company–or if you are planning on going back to school after a few years. Training new employees is very expensive and time consuming–you don’t want to give them the impression that you will be on your way out in a short time.
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