Tips of the Trade–Interview Preparation– Part I

Part I of the “Interview Preparation” blog series. Use these tips and secrets for a successful job search.

In preparing for an interview, your goal should be to get the ball in YOUR court. We want the decision of whether or not to move forward in the process to be your decision, not that of the client.


Being prepared for an interview can make or break your chances of getting to the next step with a company. The candidates who do their homework always do better and have a much higher rate of success.

Types of Interviews to Expect

Phone Screen: Basic informational interview conducted over the phone at a set time. You can sometimes be caught off-guard. Don’t hesitate to set up a better time to discuss the position at hand

Initial Face-to-Face: You’ve convinced the recruiter/hiring manager that you’re worth the time to bring in and meet with individuals from the company. Expect different kinds of interviews such as Behavioral Event Interviews, Technical Interview, and Case Study Interviews. Key is to know your resume inside and out and be able to provide specific examples.

Second Interview: This is often times a continuation of the first interview and should be taken just as seriously, if not, more seriously. It’s here that you want to solidify why you are the best fit for the position. Other times, a second interview is conducted because they aren’t fully convinced that you are the right person for the position. It is up to you to sell yourself as a solution to their needs.

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