DG&A Places Marciela Garcia as CEO at Gads Hill Center

Gads Hill Center retained David Gomez & Associates to fill the position of Chief Executive Officer in September 2011. Gads Hill Center serves families in the Chicago neighborhoods with programming that provides learning support and educational enrichment, early childhood development, and out-of-school care for children.

DG&A filled the position with Marciela Garcia who was previously the Director of Capacity Building and Juvenile Justice Policy at the National Council of La Raza in Chicago, Illinois.  At NCLR, Garcia developed a national civic engagement strategy to build the capacity of NCLR’s Affiliates to engage in policy debates and influence policy outcomes. Prior to working at NCLR, Garcia delivered impressive results in her role as Executive Director at the Latino Policy Forum (formerly Latinos United) from 2006 to 2008. Here, Garcia turned around the organization from a financial crisis by providing fiscal, strategic and operational leadership to rebuild the organization.

The Chief Executive Officer at Gads Hill Center will be responsible for effective operation of GHC and execution of its mission. The CEO will be manging the operations of its members and staff, and will ensure that internal and external mechanisms of the organization are properly functioning. Garcia will liaison effectively with national, state, regional, and local organizations, and coordinate the contributions of diverse groups of trustees, donors, staff, volunteers, and community groups.

Garcia received her Bachelors Degree in Social Services Administration at Northeastern Illinois University in 1988 and her Masters Degree in Pubilc Policy and Administration from Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1991. Garcia also presently serves on the Latino Policy Forum as the Board Treasurer. Maricela’s strong educational background combined with her experience working with non profits, demonstration of leadership, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to work effectively with a diverse population of community leaders will allow her to handles all responsibilities of fundraising, program development and management, board relations and communications, public relations, organizational development, personnel, and financial, management, and administration duties.

DG&A is proud to to be especially mindful of the value of diversity for an organization’s vitality, creativity, and success. For our clients, David Gomez & Associates recruits the highest quality executive level candidates in the market to meet the demands of your leadership structure.

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